A gathering of students and community members who care about the environment and want to learn more about the issue, discuss solutions, and work together to combat the climate crisis on a local level.

The Climate Congress consisted of several workshops led by community leaders in non-profits and government work. The workshops ranged from what are the basics of climate-science to what we as people can do about it.

By 2030, we must reduce our carbon emission by half of what it was 10 years ago to limit the dangerous effects of climate change. We believe that the only way to do that is through real, effective local solutions. On February 29th, we gathered at the University of Hawaii at Manoa's campus center to discuss these solutions and how you can play a pivotal role in getting them passed.


**Time is based off of when the section STARTS

12:00:00 PM | Check-in!

12:30:00 PM | Opening Remarks, Thank Sponsors, Introduce keynote

12:45:00 PM | Keynote address from Sierra Club

12:55:00 PM | Coffee Break

1:10:00 PM | Directions for breakout sessions, bathroom break, light snacking

1:25:00 PM | Workshops Round ONE


 - Youth Engagement at the Legislature
 - The Food Industry and Climate Change
 - Plastic Pollution and Climate Change
 - Organizing Your Community
 - Climate Justice

2:25:00 PM | Lunch

3:25:00 PM | Workshops Round TWO

 - Building a Campaign
 - Equity in Climate Change
 - Tackling Climate Change with Different Perspectives PANEL

4:15:00 PM | End

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