bill 40

Getting Bill 40 passed

We're trying to ban single-use plastics on Oʻahu. With Bill 40, we can do just that.

What is Bill 40?

Bill 40 is an important piece of legislation being considered by the Honolulu City Council. Bill 40 would phase out a variety of single use plastics, including utensils, Styrofoam clamshells, and straws, but would also allow for exemptions in fields such as the medical field.


This bill does not include prepackaged foods, shelf stable, and grab-and-go foods (this includes items such as poi bags, Musubi wrappers, and bottled water).


It is critical that Bill 40 be passed, for the longer we wait to tackle our plastic addiction, the worse the problem will become, and future generations will be the ones to bear the brunt of the social, economic, environmental, and health-related costs that plastic pollution poses.

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